Police release body cam video, 911 calls from massive fight at Brandywine High School football game

A large fight erupted at a high school football game last month that ended with four girls being detained and criminally charged.

On Tuesday, police released new body cam footage and 911 from the night of the fight outside a football game at Brandywine High School in New Castle on September 16.

911 calls captured the chaos of the night, with one caller telling dispatch, "There's fighting everywhere, everywhere, all four corners of the field."

Screams could be heard in the background as he told 911 to get police on site "immediately."

Body cam footage then showed the moments four different officers responded to the fight.


Officers could be seen trying to break up a fight that broke out involving multiple girls as crowds of people surrounded them.

Police say one of the girls nearly struck a female officer, who then pulled the girl to the ground.

Four girls were seen being detained at the scene. Police say criminal charges have been filed against each girl.

New Castle County Police is also reportedly investigating the officers' responses.