Police release video of vandalism in Port Richmond

Residents in Port Richmond say there's been a string of vandalism on their street. New video from Philadelphia police could hold the key to finding the person who scratched on the car a racial slur into a woman's car.

"With the N word ? That's just not right," James Hasty said.

James Hasty cannot believe someone would do something like carve the hateful "N-word" into the side of a car. The vandal did not stop there and chose to deface the entire car.

"I think it's real bad. I think it's real trifling, especially the day we are in now. We say we've come so far but in reality we so far back," Hasty said.

Philadelphia Police say a 33-year-old woman told the 24th District that somewhere between 5 p.m. Sunday and 9 a.m. Monday someone keyed her Kia Optima when it was left unattended on the 3200 block of Memphis in Port Richmond.

People who live in the area are sickened.

"I feel that that's disrespectful to the lady and my heart goes out to her," Hasty said. "I'm pretty sure she's a hard worker and she paid money for her car. Now, who's going to fix her vehicle?"

"it's horrifying. I'm sure she was very depressed about it and just really upset," resident Tommy Sims said.
What's more neighbors tell FOX 29 the incident is only the latest in a series of never-ending vandalism to plague homes and businesses on and near Memphis Street.

"It goes on every day in our neighborhood like that and it's unfortunate circumstances that it happened to her," Simms said.