Police: Reported Upland barricade situation turns out to be hoax

The bomb squad, SWAT and fire crews were called to Upland after a man claimed he just committed murder.

It turned out to be a hoax.

"I believe they had at least 50 to 60 people inside that church," said Chief Michael Irey, with the Upland Borough Police.

Police had to get the people out of harm's way of what they thought was a barricaded man who claimed he had killed a woman, had explosives and was prepared to shoot it out with police.

"It was scary, yes, yes," stated neighbor Margaret Paschall.

Bomb squad, SWAT team, fire crews and authorities from multiple jurisdictions descending on the 600 block of Upland Avenue. For hours, surrounding streets were blocked off and neighbors kept back.

"And, the whole thing turned out to be nothing," said another neighbor, Krissy Albrand.

"When we entered, everything was fine. There was no other person in the building. There was no crime scene particularly as far as bombs or the reported deceased body," Chief Irey.

A hoax, a so-called swatting incident.

"It's kind of crazy it would happen," said neighbor Alex Albrand.

"Who does this type of thing? Obviously, it's frustrating, but it is one of those situations that you can never enter a building without knowing what you're walking into," explained Chief Irey.