Police rescue dog from hot car with their own hands

We should all know to NEVER leave a pet in a parked car. Obviously, somebody in South Florida didn't know that.

Police in Boynton Beach say "a Good Samaritan called 911 to report a pit bull" in a hot car and they know they had to do something.

They went store to store to locate the owner with no luck, so watch as a sergeant used his baton to break a window and rescue the dog.

Total time from the call to the owner showing up: 10-15 minutes, they estimate.

The owner was cited for leaving a dog unattended in vehicle and let go with the dog - after some education about the law.

According to animal cruelty investigator Liz Roehrich, most of the time she encounters dogs left in vehicles, the owners are otherwise responsible, loving and good caretakers. They just don't know the law or they think that it's OK if it's only for a minute - but it's not.