Police Respond to Cell Phone Video of Arrest

Sharon Hill. Pa. (WTXF) The man's whose arrest was caught on camera claims he was just trying to break up a fight. But what do police say? FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce spoke with Sharon Hill police chief on Wednesday.

Last week, cell phone video surfaced of police in Sharon Hill, Delaware County, placing 20-year-old Bradlof Brown under arrest. The video shows the situation intensifying and police confirm a taser was deployed.

One week after the incident, Sharon Hill Police Chief Robert Tinsley watched the video for the first time.

"I think they were trying to take him into custody and he just wouldn't give up," said Tinsley.

FOX 29 talked to Brown's mother on Friday she says her son was trying to break up a fight at a park and she thought police were overly aggressive with him.

Chief Tinsley says a video clip does not tell a full story.

"You don't know what's transpiring with that individual before that video started running," Chief Tinsley told FOX 29.

Tinsley says a responding Folcroft police officer made the actual arrest.

"This individual did not leave when he was asked to leave - kept pushing his way in and became verbally abusive to the officer along with making contact with them," said Chief Tinsley.

Brown has been in jail since last Wednesday on an aggravated assault charge stemming from this incident. That charge was dropped at today's hearing, according to Brown's attorney who says his client will be released. Chief Tinsley feels that the situation was handled appropriately. but if Brown disagrees he can file a complaint with the district attorney's office.

"You hate to have these situations occur nobody wants it. From my understanding all this kid had to do was back away when he was asked to then he wouldn't have been at a hearing this morning," Tinsley explained.