Police search for ATM skimmer in Delaware County

Police say they are searching for an ATM skimmer who struck in Delaware County.

Members of the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union are scurrying to bank branches to find out if their accounts were compromised.

This woman found out the bad news.

"I looked right in my account and over $450 came out immediately," she told FOX 29.

Unauthorized charges were racked up in hours at two Walmart stores and she wasn't alone. Account information from least 200 Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union members were stolen by electronic skimmers placed on ATMs at two branches on State Street in Media and Glen Mills, according to police.

Investigators say the skimmer was placed on April 29 and the next day it was removed. The alleged skimmer was also spotted in Glen Mills with an accomplice . We're told ten's of thousands of dollars of dollars worth of purchases were charged to customers' accounts.

How is it done? Police say it's simple. Molded skimmers are placed right over the original card readers to capture your vital information. Credit union security tells us it's working with the police and FBI to help nab the skimmer.