Police search for man accused of filming girls in Target

Police released surveillance video of a man who several witnesses say recorded girls in the Target on White Horse Road in Voorhees, New Jersey.

FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce spoke to a mom last week who says she saw the man filming last Thursday. The mom wishes to remain anonymous.

"I noticed that when I came around an aisle that this gentleman was holding a phone up with both hands he had no shopping cart or any items with him he was clearly recording something," she told FOX 29.

In front him, she says, were two teen girls shopping the aisles completely unaware of this man's attention.

"I looked at his screen and sure enough I saw the girls on his screen from the waist down he was recording and following these girls around the store," she explained.

Her instincts took over and she says she confronted the man.

"I said excuse me what do you think you're doing recording these girls on your phone?" she said.
"He was stuttering he was flustered absolutely did not expect someone to confront him and call him out."

She claims he quickly left the store before Target security could talk to him.

The woman says she reported the details to store managers and positively identified the man in Target surveillance photos.

A Target spokesperson confirms the store's involvement and says: "As soon we were made aware of the incident, we searched the store for the guest in question and noticed he had left the property. Once we confirmed he had left, we walked the {other} guest to her car and encouraged her to file a report with law enforcement."

Regardless of what comes of a police investigation, the witness hopes that sharing the story will inspire others.

"The only thing I wanted to do by this is to urge others to speak out and do what's right in these situations when u see it happening,' the mom said.