Police Search for Suspect in Attempted Sexual Assault

Falls Township, Pa. (WTXF) "It's an emotional thing to go through. You're thinking about it constantly," said the victim.

She's haunted by the attempted sexual assault she suffered at the hands of a man she says snuck up behind and grabbed her.

"I was terrified. I'm not going to lie. I was terrified," she said.

We're not identifying the woman to protect her. She says it happened Sunday night just after 9:00 near one of the parking lots of the Village of Pennbrook Apartments on Mill Creek Road in Levittown.

"I was fighting for my life as far as I was concerned," she said.

She and a friend had just come back from the store but the victim says she stopped to look for something inside her purse while her friend continued walking. That's when the attacker grabbed her and tried to rip off her clothes.

"Then he ended up picking me up and threw me down so hard on the ground and threw me between two bushes. I screamed one time and he smacked me in my face," the recalls.

She says her friend heard he screaming and came running back scaring off the attacker. Falls Township Police say the suspect was wearing a dark colored baggy hooded sweatshirt possibly with a logo on the back and dark colored pants. The victim says she wants others to know what happened and she hopes someone can help identify the man.

"I want people to take this seriously and I want people to know that this guy is still out here," said the victim.

Apartment management also sent out an email to residents informing them about what happened.