Police Search for Suspects in Jewelry Store Heist

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say they are searching for suspects wanted in a jewelry store heist in Rittenhouse. Thousands of dollars in valuables and jewels were taken, according to police.

"I'm just so confused. I'm stunned," Danny Hosmi is in disbelief over the Hollywood style heist that some clever criminals pulled off at this Rittenhouse jewelry store.

"It's just like in the movie. They dig a hole in the ground and come into the next store into my store. It's just like part of a Hollywood movie. That's what it look like," said Hosmi who believes the thieves climbed in through a basement door then tunneled their way in through a vacant burger joint at the corner of 19th and Chestnut. From there, Hosmi says, they used high power tools to get through one more store before hitting up the Time & Gold jewelry store.

"They drill a hole from the basement to the cleaners. From the cleaners they make another hole through the wall to the back of my store to the back of my safe. Then they drill a big hole in the safe and empty the whole safe," he said.

Hosmi says he arrived this morning to find a lot of jewelry like diamonds, engagement rings, expensive chains and charms all gone.

"They real professionals whoever did that," said Hosmi.

Police are checking surveillance video from cameras outside nearby businesses to see if they captured anything.