Police seize 'Catnip Cocktail' during nutrition store raid

Police have raided a New Jersey health and nutrition store and seized 61 bottles of "Catnip Cocktail," a cat sedative that has been linked to a series of bizarre behavior.

Authorities arrested the store manager in connection with the raid at a Nutrition Zone in Fairfield on Thursday.

Police say the manager was selling Catnip Cocktail to people who were using the drug to get high.

Fairfield Police Chief Anthony Manna says officers found one man dancing and yelling near the store in July 2018 and later stopped a man who was driving erratically on Route 46.

Officers recovered bottles of Catnip Cocktail in both instances.

Police say the drug is not linked to the plant. They say Catnip Cocktail is similar to the drug GHB when metabolized by humans.