Police: Student brings marijuana-laced cookies to school

Philadelphia police say two students ate marijuana-laced cookies and ended up at the hospital.

Shari Green heard the news from her grandmother that marijuana-laced cookies got into her son's school Thursday morning.

It was before lunch, when two 13-year-old girls--about an hour apart--went to the nurse at Lamberton School on Woodbine Avenue feeling sick, vomiting and their eyes were glossy. Both were rushed to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Police say they determined it was one of the girls who brought three cookies to school--kept one and passed the others to two friends.

"We believe the 13-year-old, who brought the items, knew they were laced with marijuana. The 13- year-old girl she gave it to, which is her classmate, did not know. And the 13-year-old boy had no idea what was in the items," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said.

The boy threw his away. Police found it and where able to confirm it was laced with pot. On Thursday night, police were at the home of the girl who allegedly brought in the cookies. She lives with her grandmother who is being questioned.

Police say it's more critical than ever to talk to your kids about drugs.