Police: Suspicious man attempted to lure 3 boys into his car

For parents picking up their children at Glendora Elementary's after school program, there was surprise and fear when they learned a suspicious man tried to give three young boys a ride just moments after they left the school Tuesday afternoon.

"Very close to home, yes," parent Holly Mecca told FOX 29. "Makes me scared, makes me nervous."

Mecca's daughter attends cheerleading practice. She lives just a few blocks from the school. She was stunned to hear of the incident just off school property near Station and Ridge Avenues.

"We put out a critical alert to all the local agencies," Captain Brendan Barton told FOX 29 Wednesday night.

Police say it was just after 3 p.m. Tuesday when an older model green car approached three brothers--ages 10,7 and 7--as they left school grounds.

"He did roll down his window and ask if the juveniles needed a ride. They stated no. The driver responded come get in the vehicle-- something similar to that," Captain Barton explained.

The boys ran off and went home. They reported the incident to their mother and police. They did notice the suspicious man's four door car had an "H" on the back.

"We can guess maybe it was a Honda or Hyundai also the driver's side tail light appeared to be kicked out," Captain Barton added.

Police tell FOX 29 there have been no recent incidents like this in the township that match the description of the suspect or his car. They're looking for surveillance video from the area to see if they might get a shot of the man's car.