Police: Tires on dozens of vehicles slashed in West Philly

The fingerprint dust is still fresh after at least two vandals went on a 7 block West Philly vandalism spree--popping tire after tire.

Ahnon Brown's Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of them.

"Rage and how much money this is going to cost me just to get it fixed. I just started working again so that's really going to tax me bad," he said.

His SUV was one of more than 50 vehicles hit by tire slashers. Most of the vehicles targeted were on the south-side of Media Street between 54th and 61st.

Philadelphia police released grainy surveillance video showing two people ducking down behind vehicles Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

"You see them walking down the street, bending down and coming up as they are walking down the street anticipating what they are doing," Philadelphia Police Captain Frank Milillo.

Police are now looking for more video from nearby doorbell cameras that may have captured the vandals.