Police: U-Haul stolen with custom bikes for Wounded Warrior Project

Tinicum, Pa. (WTXF) Police say they are searching for a stolen truck that had specialized custom bikes for wounded veterans inside.

When thieves made off with a stolen 16 foot U-Haul truck from the parking lot of a Tinicum Hotel, chances are the crooks didn't even know what was inside; 9 specialized custom bikes used by the Wounded Warrior Project for injured service members.

"It's frustrating. I believe in the best of people which is why we do what we do," said Tracy Farrell.

Tracy Farrell, of the Wounded Warrior Project, spoke to us from Chicago.

She says all the gear including recumbent bikes and hand cycles are used on rides by disabled vets. The loss: nearly $40,000 worth of gear.

The bikes are used for the organizations "Soldier Ride" events across the country, including this past weekend in Philadelphia.

Police say the U-Haul truck has the Wounded Warrior logo with Arizona license plate AD21774 . According to police, it was taken from the lot sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. Unfortunately, no surveillance video was captured but the organization is hoping someone out there may know something or come clean when they realize what they've taken.