Police warn businesses violating masks, distancing guidelines

Following reports of bar customers not following COVID-19 health regulations, Police have issued a warning stating that they will be enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing this weekend. 

“I do it out of respect to you and you do it out of respect to me. I listen to the CDC and Johns Hopkins,” Joy Palazzese said.

Masks and social distancing are some of the only tools to combat coronavirus, as no vaccine has been developed yet, but concern grows when people gather at beaches and bars with no masks on.


“We live in America, it's a free country, you know. I wear it to protect others if I’m close to somebody,” said Julie. 

“When I’m going into the store I do put it on-and if I’m distant from others, outside I normally take it off-not wearing it if I’m by myself,”

In Delaware County, now in the green phase of Pennsylvania’s reopening plan, elected officials are “threatening” the loss of licenses for bars and other businesses that don’t enforce mask-wearing and social distancing. Currently, COVID-19 has infected more than 74-hundred residents, and killed 705.

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“A spike in cases and deaths could move our county and the region back to the yellow phase, lead to business shutdowns and jeopardize schools opening in the fall,” said Dr. Monica Taylor, Delaware County Councilman.

Similarly, the owner of beauty salon La’lli Hair Lounge says that she fears her business will close and her employees rendered jobless if masks are not worn. She adds that she can’t figure out why someone would refuse to put it on.

“I think it’s an ego thing. I don’t know-it’s cool or something, which is very odd to me,” said Laura Cordearo, owner. 

If guidelines are not followed, Police announced that bars risk losing their licenses and businesses could face other penalties.


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