Police warn of water department scam in Bucks County

Police in Upper Southampton Township are warning residents about a scam involving suspects posing as Bucks County Water Authority Employees.

Investigators say a male suspect recently went to a home on Carlin Drive claiming to be from the Water Department, and told a woman at the home that her water may have been contaminated by a nearby gas leak.

The suspect told the woman that he needed to turn on her kitchen faucet for 30 seconds to confirm there was no contamination, and told the woman if she didn't allow him to test it she would be fined.

The resident did not buy the suspect's claim and asked to see I.D.

That's when police say the suspect quickly flashed his wallet, which contained only a driver's license. The woman then threatened to call police, and the suspect asked her not to before he got into an unmarked white pickup truck.

Police say the suspect was attempting to get inside the home to carry out a crime, or scout the house for a future theft or burglary.

The department also noted that The Bucks County Water Authority does not serve Upper Southampton Township.

Police urge residents to contact them if someone comes to their door and they are concerned if they are there for a valid reason. Police also ask that you do not let anybody into your house if you did not call them for an appointment.