Police: Woman attacked, robbed in Cobbs Creek

A mom walking her son became the victim of a mugger. Police say another woman used a knife to cut the victim's bag from around her body. The weapon left the mom with some deep cuts. Now police want that attacker off the street.

Andrea Barnes says she was simply walking with her son to school last Thursday morning when out of nowhere she was attacked by a woman with a knife trying to steal her pocketbook.

"I saw the knife and then I let go. I had no idea what was going on. It was so quick," she explained.

Surveillance cameras were rolling at the corner of 60th and Chestnut as the suspect paced up and down seconds before the attack. Police say she was waiting for a victim and an opportunity.

"Definitely random no doubt about it. She just waited for a female who wasn't paying attention who had a purse on her shoulder," said Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker.

"I saw her knife and she was wielding it at me," Andrea explained.

Andrea was slashed several times just above her wrist and robbed of her pocketbook. The suspect literally cut it off her arm. Andrea can be seen trying to fight her alleged attacker off. Police say this was a random attack carried out at 6:50 in the morning along this busy business corridor. The victim lost her credit cards, ID and $30 bucks.