Police: Woman struck, killed by SEPTA bus in Frankford

Philadelphia police say a woman died after a SEPTA bus struck her in the city's Frankford section.

It happened around 2 p.m. Monday.

Commuters stood still and silent outside the usually bustling Frankford Terminal. Many of them heard the collision as a 65-year-old woman tried to cross Frankford Avenue.

"The woman ran across the street in front of the bus and her leg got caught in the wheel," eyewitness Amanda Drummond said.

SEPTA tells FOX 29 the 5 bus that runs into Center City was making a left on the Pratt Street when the bus with passengers onboard collided with the woman and then she was hit again. She died at the scene. The woman's identity has not been released at this time.

"She got hit by the bus and then when she pulled herself from under the bus she got hit and dragged by an SUV. That's when her leg came," eyewitness Sam Carter said.

Philadelphia police accident investigators have interviewed the driver, passengers and will look at footage from nearby surveillance cameras to determined who may have been at fault. We're told the bus did have an audible alert system to notify pedestrians of a left turn.

Police are still investigating exactly what led up to the fatal crash. SEPTA has told FOX 29 the driver per protocol has been removed from service pending an investigation.