Police: Woman's wallet stolen along with military tags

Jenkintown , Pa. (WTXF) Police are searching for a group of alleged thieves who targeted a woman at a local grocery store.

"That guy was quick. I was right in front of him." Theresa DelGaiso is stunned after watching video from grocery store surveillance cameras.

Police say it shows a man stealing her wallet from her purse sitting in the cart as she's getting bagels from the bakery.

"I was sick. I thought I was going to pass out. It was the worse feeling," said DelGaiso.

It happened around one o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Whole Foods on the Fairway in the Jenkintown section of Abington. Two well dressed men walk in and split up, according to the video. Police says one walks up behind DelGaiso, places the wallet in a newspaper as a second suspect appears to block the view of other customers.

"I couldn't believe this happened to me," said DelGaiso.

30 minutes later, another surveillance video shows two women go into a Target and Rite Aid. Police say they charge more than $1,500 and buy gift cards. But there's something else DelGaiso is worried about.

"Your first thought of course, is 'My God I got to cancel all my credit cards' and then it hit me that my dad's dog tags were in there which is so sentimental," she said.

Her father was a Korean War Veteran. He died 30 years ago.

"Whenever I would open my wallet I would see my dad's dog tags with his picture also in there. To have him with me all the time was the best feeling and now I don't have that," said DelGaiso.

Abington Police are trying to identify the four suspects. But in the meantime, they want to remind shoppers not to leave purses, wallets or other personal items unattended in shopping carts.

"Keep it on you, zippered, snapped or whatever kind of closure and have it under your arm. Be very careful about that," said Deputy Chief John Livingood.

If you recognize the suspects or find the wallet and dog tags belonging to DelGaiso call Abington Police. The wallet is a black crocodile texture with silver on the edges. Her father's name Peter Merciante.