Port Richmond, Bridesburg, Mayfair all dealing with shattered windows due to BB guns, police say

Over and over again, folks in Port Richmond, Bridesburg and Mayfair have the same complaint – BB vandals.

Neighbors are furious their car and home windows are shattered by BB guns. Police are seeking suspects.

Iwona O’Donnell has called Port Richmond home 27 years. She says she was never concerned about her safety, until now.

“They’re getting really, really brazen and I’m really worried,” O’Donnell stated.

She says for weeks, on the weekends, someone will drive down her Port Richmond block, at 3200 Thompson Street, and fire at least one BB gun.

Car windows were the only victims, at first. But, Saturday night, she says someone shot at her bay window, while her neighbors were also hit.

“It’s really scary because this was a night we’re all home in the living room. Kids playing at home. Probably close to $1,000 to replace a window like that,” O’Donnell explained.

Philadelphia police say they are investigating. Neighbors say it isn’t just happening in their neighborhood, but also near Bath and Gillingham Streets in Bridesburg. Residents there say they discovered a few cars hit Friday.

Saturday, 6700 Jackson Street in Mayfair, some cars still with a temporary fix. Neighbors say one family on this block had two cars hit. And another family on the 2800 block of East Thompson in Port Richmond, according to neighbors.

Joe B. says his brother’s car was among five total on the block.

“It’s ridiculous, like they ain’t got nothing better to do,” Joe B. remarked.

“How many people gotta wake up and pay for a window? We have no work, we have no jobs, what else?” questioned Kevin Logan.

Philadelphia police could not say if all of the cases are connected. But, neighbors are worried it will get worse.

Police say they know of at least nine cases from over the weekend, between Port Richmond, Bridesburg and Mayfair. They ask anyone with information or video to please contact them.


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