Port Richmond Mother, 22, Found Murdered In Her Bedroom

Police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a woman in Philadelphia while her young daughter was also home. The victim's family identified her as 22-year-old Stephanie Dzikowski.

The shooting happened just after 11:00 p.m. Thursday night in the Port Richmond section of the city. Neighbors found Dzikowski in an upstairs bedroom shot in the head. Her 2-year-old daughter, Clarissa, was found safe inside the home. According to police, the woman's boyfriend and father wasn't home at the time of the shooting. Police say he was out buying milk. Homicide detectives believe the gunman was lurking outside and saw the boyfriend leave to go to the store.

The memorial for Dzikowski grew on the doorstep of her home on Friday as neighbors and relatives mourned the young mother with a promising future.

"Sick to the stomach, she was a sweet person, she never bothered anybody. Her and her boyfriend had no problems with anybody," said neighbor Marie Larkins.

There is surveillance video from a store up the block right around the time of the murder. Neighbors say they heard a gunshot then saw a man in a hoodie fleeing south, being chased by a neighbor.

"It doesn't seem like this is any type of random home invasion or anything like that . It seems like that this particular home at least was targeted," said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford.

"She just put a down payment on a house. Somebody must have known she had money, thought she still had it and wanted it," said her cousin Michael McGovern.

"She grew up into a beautiful woman. She has a beautiful little girl. Starting a new career, graduated from school, was working in a dental office and now this," neighbor," Larkins told FOX 29.

Detectives don't have a motive for the murder. They questioned the father and boyfriend for several hours along with neighbors. Police have little to go on.

"At this point and time it doesn't appear any items are missing from the property," Clark explained.