Positive news of a vaccine brings hope to many across Philadelphia

COVID continues its surge across the Delaware Valley, with Pennsylvania setting another daily high with more than 6,000 new confirmed cases.

But, there is optimism with promising new vaccine news.

“I walk my dog and just stay away from people,” Michael Metelits stated.

Metelits says a big outing in the city looks remarkably small, these days.

“It’s difficult, but you’ve got to do it for other people and you’ve got to do it yourself,” Metelits commented.

Coronavirus Restrictions: What you need to know in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware


Strolls in Rittenhouse Square may be the most going out some people do for the next few weeks as several new restrictions go into effect in Philadelphia beginning Friday, due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

In Rittenhouse Square restaurants like Parc gearing up for in-person dining solely outdoors. But, what that, or anything will look like come winter brings waves of uncertainty.

“It’s a lot of mixed feeling. I don’t really know what to expect. I’m just trying to do day by day,” said Michael Gale.

Gale summing up what most folks are feeling, because, as Pennsylvania sets a daily high with more than 6,000 new COVID-19 cases, there’s also positive news about vaccines.

Pfizer is now saying new test results show its shot is 95 percent effective, just days after Moderna announced similar news.

“It’s giving people a sense of hope and it’s so important,” stated Doctor Valerie Bronstein, Licensed Psychologist and owner of Philly Psychology.

Dr. Bronstein says it’s good to feel hope right now, as long as people don’t let their guards down.

“People tend to do better at maintaining restrictions or managing something unpleasant like wearing a mask when they know it’s temporary,” Dr. Bronstein added.

While most people found the vaccine news to be positive, not everyone is ready for it.

"If it comes out, I’ll definitely be first in line to take it,” Gale commented.

“I definitely think a vaccine is necessary, but I don’t think we should all rush and get the vaccine,” Kayla Claxton said.



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