Hundreds in Newark wait in line hours for free, rapid COVID-19 tests

Long lines in Newark and it’s not for the latest iPhone, but it’s for free, rapid COVID-19 tests.

A reaction of “Negative!” causes some University of Delaware students to appear as if they have just graduated college.

Instead, they’re happy they’re able to return home to their families for Thanksgiving break, with negative COVID tests in their hand.

“You must feel relieved?” asked FOX 29’s Marcus Espinosa.

“Oh yes, definitely! We’re ready to go home with our families. We’re gonna lay low, not gonna see anyone until we all go home on Friday and then, hopefully, we’re good,” exclaimed a student.

Coronavirus Restrictions: What you need to know in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware


Hundreds of people lining up at the Newark Urgent Care Center in Newark on Wednesday to get tested for COVID-19. The results are given within 15 minutes and some folks have waited hours in line.

“I brought my chair. I brought my coffee. So, now we’re prepared,” one person in line commented.

The testing center is for, mainly, asymptomatic people and not everyone is negative for COVID-19.

Lead Physician Assistant Jessica Brandt describes the turnout. She’s been testing folks around the clock and was surprised at the turnout.

“The amount of asymptomatic people in the line that have turned positive has been pretty high. We’re happy that we’re catching them, definitely a lot, though,” Brandt explained.

She says it’s far too early to tell what that rate is, exactly.

“Probably sometime over the weekend, once we get caught up with everything. I’d hate to give an estimate now, but it’s pretty high,” Brandt added.

Brandt says while she’s not happy with the positive results for some, these testing clinics make communities safer.

“Oh, a ton safer. We’re much safer with testing. If you don’t know you have the virus then you’re gonna be around other people doing your daily business and getting other people sick,” Brandt said.



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