Pre-School Sweethearts Reunite 30 Years Later, Plan to Marry

Dating websites can be full of surprises at times. However, one Florida couple never expected the surprise connection they made, until a year into their relationship.

As it turns out, Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders were matched online 30-years after they were apparently "preschool sweethearts.

The couple is now planning to get married, and they say they couldn't be any more sure they've found the person their supposed to be with after reunited three decades after their first interactions.

According to FOX News Insider, it was a childhood memory that brought to light their preschool history.

Justin says that at one point, he told Amy that he had always liked her name after having a preschool crush on a girl with the same later.

The next month, he and Amy were talking about a scar Justin had gotten during his preschool days. During that conversation, he mentioned the school name, and it all clicked.

Later, they discovered a class photo that confirmed their suspicions.