Prosecutors Undergo Sensitivity Training

District Attorney Seth Williams announced in September that rather than fire three prosecutors for their roles in the "Porngate" affair, he was requiring them to undergo sensitivity training. The training, of numerous members of the District Attorney's office, took place last Friday, Williams' office announced.

According to a statement, it wasn't only the prosecutors in question- Frank Fina, Marc Costanza and Patrick Blessington- who took part in the training. Williams himself did as well, as did "numerous other office supervisors and staff." The training was administered by Paul Meshanko of Legacy Business Cultures, a leading author and lecturer.

"The entire team, including those involved with the recently publicized email issues, were extremely engaged and participative during Friday's session," Meshanko said in the statement.

"By exploring how blind spots, stereotypes and biases can lead to inappropriate actions and behaviors, both consciously and unconsciously, I believe the entire group is now much more aware of steps they can take to minimize the degree to which subtle demonstrations of sexism, racism and/or homophobia can taint the otherwise outstanding work done by your office."