PSA Shows Bystanders Intervening With Bullying Situation

(STORYFUL/WTXF)- You've heard the message before. There's no shortage of anti-bullying public service announcements or social experiments out there online and on television.

However, a video titled 'Who Will Stop the Bullying,' is now spreading a message that may be different from what you have heard before.

The video, posted you YouTube by a user simply named Bully PSA, shows two young girls pretending to repeatedly put down a third, and smaller girl at a bus stop.

The bullies in the video say mean things to the girl as other people at the bus stop sit nearby, within listening distance.

It's the reactions of those bystanders that are spreading a much more hopeful message.

As the girls begin to harass the bullying victim, each bystander in the video speaks up and defends the girl in their own way.

Some tell the girls to stop; others ask if they have anything nice to say. Meanwhile, other bystanders invite the girl to come and sit with them while they wait and while they ride, all the while showering her with positive reinforcement.

The video has nearly 250,000 views in a single day.