Python Learns Deadly Lesson After Swallowing Porcupine Whole

(FOX 11) A python apparently bit off more than he could chew in South Africa when he swallowed a porcupine whole.

A nearly 13-foot African Rock Python was found dead at the Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa after trying to eat a 30 pound porcupine.

In hindsight, porcupine was probably not the best meal choice.

Photos posted to the reserve's Facebook page show the bloated python and the dead porcupine found inside -- with several of its sharp quills lodged inside the snake's digestive tract.

The sight of the bloated python initially stumped the ranger, who posted on Facebook, "The African Rock Python who is close to our cycle track must have swallowed a small warthog or an impala calf!" An autopsy later revealed what was actually inside.