Quakertown School District plans to sue makers of vaping products

The Quakertown School District plans on joining a lawsuit against vaping product makers.

School administrators in Quakertown say vaping is disrupting education. It’s pulling away valuable resources and creates a health risk to students.

According to Superintendent William Harner, a student lost consciousness in school last spring from vaping and two weeks ago it happened again.

"We had a young lady who passed out in the high school went totally unconscious. She was in the bathroom stall, sharing a vaping device that wasn’t hers with two other girls had THC in it," he said.

The Quakertown Community school board had enough. It gave a law firm the okay to sue the makers of vaping products to pay back the district for damages.

"I think it’s a good idea. It’s too easy for the kids to get. Too many kids do it. They get hurt. It's a great idea," parent Nicole Giquinto said.

The superintendent says Quakertown is the first to sign onto the lawsuit in Bucks County and he expects others to quickly join.