Quick burst of winter arrives in Philadelphia

Snow and rain are falling and it will be a tricky night to drive. Drivers need to be careful, the roads will be slippery.

The rain and snow mix is enough to make the driving dicey. Despite the warmer temperatures earlier in the week, it is still winter.

In various areas across the Delaware Valley, it is a winter wonderland. Snow falling on Saturday night, February 17.

"We will take what we can get. The snow is pretty," said Morgan Dougherty, who doesn't mind the snow.

Pretty yes, but driving in snow is a different story.

"It's not great, it's a bit slippery. Honestly, my car isn't the best for snow. I was slipping and sliding," said Cameron McDaniel.

"We just came from the restaurant for dinner. We were supposed to see the "Black Panther" movie, but the roads were too bad. We're not gonna do it right now," said Stacey Nixon.

Not an option for Rick Clark. He is working this Saturday night, February 17, plow on the front and salt machine off the back.

"Just a little snow removal, definitely doing the entire area couple of times tonight," said Clark.

"How would you characterize winter so far, we've been doing a lot of salting, not plowing too much. Maybe tonight," Clark said.

This mid-February precipitation is bringing a mix of snow and rain depending on where you live in the Delaware Valley. Regardless, some people say they'll just deal with it.

"Just watch movies and stay in for the night. Netflix, yeah lots of Netflix," Dougherty said.

"Just waiting for this to be over. We got teased a couple days ago with 60 degree days, but now we're back to this. Did you hear it will be low 70's Tuesday and Wednesday? I did not, are you serious? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, bang all right!" exclaimed McDaniel.

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