Quick-Thinking Homeowner Gets Revenge on Thief Who Stole Package From His Front Porch

When this homeowner was robbed, he wasn't letting the thief go without a fight.

Ken Jensen's home surveillance footage shows a man pulling up in a car outside his house in Concord, California before taking off with a package from his front porch.

But Jensen ran after the man, who dropped the package as he jumped in his car. But the quick-thinking homeowner noticed a woman's purse in the front seat so he grabbed it as the car drove off. Jensen then turned the purse over to investigators.

Jensen told KRON-TV that he, "…Was angry that someone had the audacity to steal from me, yeah, that's not cool."

He also spoke to Claycord News and Talk blog and said that the couple "drove by several times and were not following a delivery truck, but just looking for packages or what every else they could steal."

He captioned his video writing that he handed the ID over to police. The Concord Police Department tells INSIDE EDITION that the suspect has been identified as Daniel Price but he hasn't been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

Jensen recorded the incident from four different angles but police do not recommend copying what he did. Officers say that what he did was dangerous and to call police.