Rabbi drowns after jumping in NJ lake to save his 2 children

(Photo by Gaetano Cessati/Unsplash)

Emergency crews have recovered the body of a New York rabbi who drowned after jumping into a lake to rescue two of his children.

Greenwood Lake police say 38-year-old David Traub, of Chestnut Ridge, New York, rented a pontoon boat Sunday from a marina in West Milford, New Jersey. His family then traveled out on the lake, which stretches about seven miles between West Milford and Orange County in New York.

Two of Traub's children went swimming around 5:20 p.m. but eventually struggled to get back in the boat, so Traub entered the water to help them. Traub got the children safely back into the boat, but he then disappeared underwater.

Authorities soon began a search, but that was suspended Sunday night due to severe weather. The search resumed early Monday, and Traub's body was found shortly before noon.