Radnor drug raid results in 4 arrests outside Chipotle

A burrito and some bud: that's what police say a Chipotle worker was selling out of the Wayne restaurant.

If that sounds familiar, it should. It's the second time in two weeks police have made drug busts out the kitchens of main line restaurants.

The Chipotle on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne was closed Wednesday night, a far difference scene from during lunch hours when cops moved in on the location.

Radnor Police say undercover agents made several drug buys at the restaurant over the last month, including Wednesday afternoon.

"We purchased over a quarter pound, maybe a half pound of marijuana." Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo said. "He had it rolled up in his shirt. Came out and he sold my undercover officer. Right there in the parking lot."

Police arrested 22-year-old Robert Lane. They say he was selling weed wearing his work uniform out of Chipotle's kitchen. Some of his stash was found stuffed inside the restaurant toilet.

Police also arrested 24-year-old Kydeem-Amad Shoatz and 23-year-old Briana Davis. Police also confiscated the suspect's car where even Fox 29 could smell pot permeating across the police parking lot.

The Radnor Health Department shut down the restaurant for contamination while workers spent the day tossing away food and cleaning the kitchen.

The raid comes just weeks after Radnor Police raided a popular Radnor restaurant and arrested 31-year-old Edson Arechaga after he allegedly sold cocaine to undercover officers while he was working as a bartender at the restaurant.

Several customers told Fox 20 off camera it was common knowledge pot was being sold at the Chipotle, but other regulars who eat there frequently were stunned.

When reached for comment, Chipotle delivered the following statement:

"These are serious allegations and, if true, represent completely unacceptable conduct in one of our restaurants. We will cooperate fully with the investigation to see that this matter is resolved."

The restaurant is expected to re-open tomorrow.