Rainy Monday leaves shore town roads underwater

It was the start of a new week, but Monday's rain brought a familiar problem for people trying to enjoy a summer evening down at the Jersey Shore.

Monday's heavy rain has roads in many shore communities looking more like rivers.

FOX 29's Dave Kinchen headed to Ocean City, New Jersey to see how people were dealing with all the water.

Simpson Avenue near 32 nd was one of those roads that looked more like a body of water. People did manage to get through on foot, on bikes, and in cars.

But, when the water's too high, cars can become casualties.

"Just last week we had a car lost. Somebody on vacation didn't know about the tides and they lost their car," George Golding explained.

The scenes have been similar all around the Shore towns.

Drivers forged through the roadway rivers in Cape May, and others did the same in Wildwood, as seen in video sent into FOX 29 via social media.

In Ocean City, there's word of eventual relief.

"They keep saying they're fixing it and we haven't seen anything yet. There are pipes a few streets down they say they're working on it," parent Cindy Smull explained.

There is a drainage project to help part of the city set to continue construction right after Labor Day. The mayor says it's just not safe to do the work in the middle of summer.

As for now, people find ways to cope.

"It happens periodically. More frequently over the past couple years than it has been. Sometimes the water comes all the way up and we're safe inside but you're stranded," resident Noreen McBride explained.