Rash of Shootings in Olney Leaves Neighborhood on Edge

The neighborhood around 2nd and Nedro is on edge after three shootings in two days left four people wounded and one dead. So far, no arrests have been made.

Bullets have been flying here almost daily. First, it was gunfire on Linton Street, which left gaping holes in a front porch barbecue grill and an air conditioner.

On Sunday night, three people were shot at 2nd and Widener. Then, on Monday night, 32 -year-old Anthony Celious was gunned down and a 22-year-old woman was wounded in the middle of the 200 block of Nedro.

"The descendant, a female and at least one other male were sitting on the step. An unidentified male comes upon them and fires several shots," said Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain James Clark.

Steve Ha's grandmother lives in Olney; he says all this shooting leaves one choice.

"That's very scary. I should move out. Have to move out as soon as possible. Not gonna live here," he told FOX 29.

Police don't know yet what's behind the rash of shootings. They say a car on the block had the word "rat" scratched into it. Police are now concerned about retaliation.

"I know the captain of the district is deploying personnel in that area to stop these shootings and make some arrests," said Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain James Clark.

Police trying to determine who the intended target was, right now they have found no links between the shootings, but they are still investigating.