Read my lips! Man gets stung by 3 wasps and uses lip swelling to channel Kardashians

Watch out, Kylie Jenner -- this Texas man may have the most voluptuous lips of all time.

Jose Rivas of League City was trying to pick up his keys after his son dropped them between stairs. Just as he was about to reach them, he came across a yellow jacket nest, and it wasn't long before he was stung.

One wasp stung him behind the ear and once Rivas jumped up, two other wasps struck him right on his upper lip.

"At first I didn't know if I got stung or not," Jose told," I felt a pinch on my lip and I was like, 'oh no! I hope I didn't get stung by the lip -- damn it.'"

The stings caused his lips to swell up tremendously. But instead of wallowing in his injury, he decided to flaunt it in hilarious fashion.

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His wife and his son were both hysterically laughing but his daughter seemed scared of his giant lips.

Rivas told that this wasn't the first time he's gotten stung by wasps, so he didn't think it'd be horrific this time.

"When I checked myself out, needless to say after 2-3 minutes my lips looked ridiculous and they felt like water beds"

The former Marine handled his swollen lips in hilarious ways. He compares himself with the Kardashian clan and strikes a 'duck lips' pose.

In the video, Rivas says: "Kim Kardashian will be lookin' at your lips for days! She's got nothing on them."

Later, after running upstairs and searching for home remedies to take care of the swelling to calm down, he couldn't fathom the thought of going to work the next day.

"I thought my co-workers were going to think my wife punch me in the face or something but I had to go"

By the next day, the swelling had gone down, but his co-workers had already seen the video, which filled the office with laughter.

Although it was another painful experience for Jose, he certainly knows a thing or two about how to handle stingy situations.