Recent announcements give hope for economic recovery in Atlantic City

With several announcements this week regarding investment and job opportunities in Atlantic City, there is hope for progress on economic recovery.

Mayor Marty Small says he’s optimistic after ending the summer strong.

"In June we had the biggest month ever in casino gaming history, and last month’s numbers were 31% up from last year," he says. "We always just have to keep that momentum."

Caesars Entertainment announced this week they are joining forces with Nobu Hospitality for a $400 million project over the next three years that will include a new restaurant and rebranding several floors of hotel rooms.

The city also received a $50,000 grant to help redevelop the former Trump Plaza site. Mayor Small says they will use the grant to work alongside the building’s owner.

"That’s the best spot in town," says Mayor Small. "We made a tremendous mistake in 2007 by tearing down a profitable Sands Casino and now it’s sitting there, we can’t afford to do that to Trump Plaza."

Mayor Small says there are still plans moving forward for a water park at the Showboat Hotel and the city recently approved a site plan for a Shop Rite on Baltic Avenue.

"The community needs a lot of help, so it’s a start, more jobs because there’s a lot of unemployed people," says Jameel Prevard, born and raised in Atlantic City. "There’s not enough opportunity for the youth coming up or people that have been here forever."

Beginning on Monday, using funds from the American Rescue Act, city employees will receive bonus payments based on the number of hours they worked between March and December 2020, the peak of the pandemic.

Mayor Small says 85 percent of city employees are receiving the maximum bonus.



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