Rehab center nursing red-tail hawk back to health

A red-tail hawk is on the mend after a brush with death in Lower Pottsgrove Township.

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon has the story.

At the AARK wildlife rehabilitation center in Chalfont, Bucks County, Leah Stallings is nursing the juvenile red-tail hawk back to health.

“Sometimes our overzealous teenagers will come out of the nest early and think, I’ve got this, you don’t need to worry about me mom and dad, I’m good.’  And then they go and they’re not well-flighted,” Stallings told FOX 29.

The hawk was discovered in the middle of Pleasantview Road in Lower Pottsgrove Township last Friday morning.

Township manager Ed Wagner saw a commotion and ran over.

“And when I got on scene and get in front of the car, I saw this baby bird. It was not moving," he explained.  “Right in the middle of the street. It could have gotten run over and we were able to get it safely to the side of the road.”

Local police pitched in with the rescue.

The hawk may well have been clipped by a car on Pleasantview Road.

The lesson will sound familiar to any parent if not-quite-adults.“In every species, we see that sometimes you get the overzealous kid who thinks they can do everything and that nothing can happen to me, and those are the ones we see at the rehab center," Stallings said.