Reopened Pennsylvania restaurant and bar owners concerned over Dry January

There might be a pandemic, but that isn’t stopping people from going dry for January, or is it?

Business owners are concerned folks aren’t going to be buying alcohol.

"I do know about it. It’s huge over there," stated a woman eating out.

Ladies at lunch at 59 Almshouse in Richboro know from Dry January. They’re just blowing it off in 2021, as are their husbands.

It’s either a great year for taking a month off from drinking, or the worst year ever. Drinking has skyrocketed through the pandemic.

"It can’t be this year. Everyone needs to get out and support their restaurants, support their local bars," explained the first patron.

With the Pennsylvania ban on indoor dining lifted Monday, Almshouse 59 opened its doors, as did PALZ in Huntington Valley.

"That’s why I say I’m looking forward to Dry January like I’m looking forward to this new strain of COVID coming through," remarked a patron sarcastically.

Chicken fingers and a cold Stella just feet from the bar can’t happen just yet. But, others ordered beers. Manager Duke says New Year resolutions typically don’t make it through the month.


"I think a lot of people have good intentions that tend to not last very long, so maybe it should be Dry January First," Duke commented.

Adam Jablin is a best-selling author and a recovering alcoholic who says you don’t have to get that far – you have to try.

"Try to be dry. Try to be those and do those other healthy substitutes – exercise, pray, meditate, get out more. It’s only going to enhance your life, but nobody’s looking down," Jablin remarked.

No judgements and he says people are in better touch with their relationship to alcohol. BJ, from 59 Almshouse, says people remaining aware of themselves don’t have to worry about skipping a month.

"I work for tips. I serve food and alcohol for tips. I don’t believe in dry months. I believe that moderation is the key. Who doesn’t like a glass of wine at night, especially through these difficult months?" server BJ explained.



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