Resident on Edge Following Deadly Shooting outside West Oak Lane Complex

WEST OAK LANE (WTXF) - A fatal shooting Tuesday morning has investigators searching for answers. It happened right in front of an apartment complex. And as police work to find the shooter residents are worried about the violence creeping closer to home.

Neighbors living in the Mount West Apartments off 71st and Broad Street were awakened by a single gunshot overnight, only to find out hours later a man had been murdered in the parking lot right outside their door.

"Only thing I heard was a gun shot last night. My prayers go out to him and his family you know, it's sad to find a dead body back there," a resident told FOX 29.

This man asked us not to identify him, but he says when he got up to take out the trash Tuesday morning, the parking lot at the West Oak Lane Complex was crawling with police and homicide detectives.

Investigators spent the morning trying to identify the man, believed to be in his late 40s, early 50s. He was found lying on the ground near this pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

"We have a victim who was shot in the face, unknown white male as of this time, he's a John Doe," Homicide Unit Lt. Mel Williams told FOX 29. No evidence, no ballistic evidence was recovered nor was a gun recovered.

Police checked the area for surveillance video. The murder here has residents in these apartments on edge. Some say gunfire in this area is nothing new, but this close to home gives them serious cause for concern.

"It makes me want to get out of here, get me and my wife out of here," one resident told FOX 29.

the victim will be fingerprinted so police can hopefully identify him.