Residents fed up with trash on streets in Juniata

Residents in Juniata are fed up with trash on their street.

Bruno Morales walks his dog along the 3700 block of L Street in Juniata several times a day.

"You have kids walking to school it's an eyesore--it's sad."

And every time he grows angry.

"People see the trash here they figure it's a dump site. Why not--let's dump our trash here as well? People park right here and go to Wawa," Morales said.

It does look like a trash site. A strip of green between the sidewalk and the street that's strewn with bottles, paper, cigarette butts, torn trash bags--nearly any type of refuse you can think of.

The ugly mess can be found along L where it meets Erie in the tightly-populated community of Juniata.

There's a busy Wawa across the street and a shopping plaza a parking lot away, but no businesses or homes are directly near the piles of debris. Those home or business owners would be responsible to clean the area, according to the Streets Department. But now, tha we've emailed the department a photo we're told a top city official will be notified.