Residents Gear Up for Rainy Weekend at the Shore

Sea Isle City, NJ (WTXF)-New Jersey residents are gearing up for a rainy weekend. FOX 29 went to Sea Isle City to see how they're preparing.

"When I start seeing fish floating across my windshield it's time for me to stop," said Mario Carotenuto. He and his wife Kristina are trying to keep a sense of humor as they tread through flood waters. Others stopped short and turned around.

"We didn't think it was going to be this bad," said Jim McCullough as he watched from his front porch on Landis Avenue in Sea Isle City. Heavy rain and high wind made it tough to be outside.

"Usually this street doesn't get flooded all the way up and down like that. It just gets flooded on the corners," said McCullough.

Earlier reports that Hurricane Joaquin could wreak havoc on the Jersey shore changed now that it's track is predicted to remain at sea.

"We're just glad it's not a hurricane and we don't have to evacuate. That's good," said Melissa Doyle-Waid.

Still, coastal flooding remains a threat here.

"It was further up the street. It started to come up the driveway and we moved the cars back," said Doyle-Waid.

The bad weather couldn't have come at a worse time for Linda and Newt MacNeal.

"We're here for a wedding. She's counting on a beach wedding tomorrow. It's terrible," said Linda MacNeal.

Trying to make the best of their visit here from Downingtown, they were forced to park the car and walk through rising water to make it to the rehearsal dinner.

"These flooding conditions are just incredible. My husband tried to drive up the street we had to turn around on Landis. It's just awful," said MacNeal.