Residents outraged after hateful message found on Northern Liberties home

Residents are outraged after a hateful message was found plastered onto a Northern Liberties home.

"There's no reason for this bigotry--no reason for this hate," David Menke said.

But there it was profane and vile. The message was plastered on using a bucket of roof-coating material. What wasn't used on the brick was dumped on the pavement in front of the Northern Liberties home of David Menke and 3 roommates--two of them law students who happen to be Jewish.

"This kinda blindsided us. I don't think this represents this community at all," Menke said.

He says his roommates were shocked and disappointed. It had to go. Menke says neighbors offered help to remove the filth and to look through their security systems to see if cameras may have captured the culprit in the act.

"I thought we were kinda past this," Menke said.

"This kinda of thing can happen in any neighborhood and it's appalling and disgusting no matter where it happens," President of the Northern Liberties Neighbor Association Matt Rube said.

Ruben says whatever was intended failed here.

"We're certainly not going to let a piece of cultural terrorism like this that is intended to scare people make us stop doing what we do, which is being an open neighborhood," he said.