Revel reopening Wednesday? Atlantic City says no

Atlantic City officials say it will be Thursday at the earliest before the former Revel casino resort can get permission to reopen.

They say they will not issue a certificate of occupancy to new owner Glenn Straub Tuesday night or Wednesday.

City spokesman Chris Filiciello says elevator inspections will begin on Wednesday.

Straub had insisted Tuesday that 900 hotel rooms and a handful of amenities at the former Revel would be open on Wednesday, but the city says that cannot happen before inspections are completed and permits granted.

Straub gave a tour Tuesday to Mayor Don Guardian and two City Council members.

He bought the $2.4 billion resort for $82 million from bankruptcy.

The Florida millionaire still won't say what the resort's new name will be and says some attractions won't be open until the weekend or later. The casino could be open by late August.

Revel shut down in September 2014, one of four Atlantic City casinos to do so that year.