Reverse Offering: Church Hands Out Money

ATLANTA (FOX 5) A church is doing things a little differently this Christmas. Instead of taking up an offering, the church handed out money to the congregation.

It's being called "the reverse offering" and the handout has caught many by surprise!

All the members of "12 Stone Church" received an envelope with $100 inside and all they had to do was add to the money and go give it to someone in need.

The church withdrew more than $700,000 from the church account. Each person was asked to at least add five dollars to it, and give it to someone in need.

"It's not even about the money. The money is a neat tool, it helps people, but a connection occurs when you're a recipient of that kind of kindness, in that moment you realize you matter to someone," said Pastor Kevin Myers.

The church expects this initiative conservatively to put more than one million dollars back into the economy.

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