Rosa's Fresh Pizza Delivering Slices Of Generosity

A Center City Philadelphia pizza shop has put generosity at the forefront of its business plan.

Mason Whartman, 26, left his job on Wall Street to open Rosa's Fresh Pizza right here in Philly.

For the last 11 months, he's been whipping up pizzas and selling them for a dollar a slice.

Because of his low prices, Mason feeds a lot of the city's homeless populations.

"Customers knew this, and one customer one day, just came in and asked if he could buy a slice for a homeless person, you know when they didn't have the dollar," Mason explained.

That act of generosity gave him a new idea.

Mason began putting post-it notes on the wall behind the counter to signify each slice that has been purchased for a homeless person.

Now, his entire shop is covered.

The generous customers, get to put their own touch on each note, with a drawing or hand written note of some kind.

On a typical day, Mason feeds 30-40 people in need. It's typically one or two slices purchased by complete strangers.

Now Mason has a more organized way of keeping track of his slices, but he still wants his customers to post their words of inspiration.

"All of these post-its, represent at this point, mostly slices that we have given away, and it just serves as a nice kind of reminder and symbol of kind deeds throughout the city," Mason said.

The shop is located on 11th street between Chestnut and Market.

Mason is hoping more Philadelphia businesses will follow in his generous footsteps.

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