Route 130 focus of Street Smart New Jersey campaign

A New Jersey community is hoping one of New Jersey's most dangerous roads will become safer. Route 130 is now the focus of a Street Smart New Jersey campaign.

Pedestrians struck and killed along Route 130 is what many consider one of the most dangerous local highways to try to cross.

Bordentown Township Police Chief Brian Pesce took his message to the street Tuesday on a road that's become a speedway through his small town.

Reflective arm bands, key chains, posters for starters are part of a state grant received to encourage distracted people--walking or driving--to keep their heads up and put their phones down.

"We have motorists who don't feel they need to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Not obeying the speed limit and we have pedestrians who aren't crossing at the crosswalk--don't wait for the cross signal," Chief Pesce said.