SEPTA fare hike starts this weekend

Philadelphia's public transportation agency is reminding riders that a fare increase is set to go into effect over the weekend.

"We're going to see the fireworks down Penn's Landing for the fourth because I got to work the weekend so we're going to enjoy today while I have off," said Jimmy Czuczman. He brought his family from Delco to Center City to get a jump start on the holiday.

"We jumped on the bus and then took the L from 69th Street down," he said. That's fare for himself, his wife and three children Gianna, Chase and Sophia. SEPTA fare that will increase starting tomorrow.

"It's kind of crazy but they can pretty much do what they want to do. We really have no say because people need to get around for work and everything like that. We have families to provide for ," said Czuczman.

The fare hike ranges anywhere from a quarter more to $5.00 extra depending on your travel and type of pass. Ernest Crawford says don't be fooled by the lowest increase of just 25 cents.

"Some people are on a fixed income. That little quarter that SEPTA sees, once you add it up over a month time period it may affect their bottom line," said Crawford.

Here's a snapshot of some of the increases:

"We have two children, a mortgage, bills, groceries and a car payment. Every little bit we need," said Stacie DeLise. She says her husband takes SEPTA to work every day from the northeast and that they're definitely going to feel the pinch.

"I understand that the busses need fixing or whatever but they got to understand that everyone who takes this bus are hardworking people,"said DeLise.

For more information, visit SEPTA's website.