SEPTA's Wilmington/Newark to resume Friday on special schedule

SEPTA will resume service on the Wilmington/Newark Line on Friday with a special schedule that reflects reduced access to the Amtrak-owned tracks on which the line operates. This is due to ongoing Amtrak repair work resulting from the derailment of a Norfolk Southern freight train in the vicinity of SEPTA's Eddystone and Crum Lynne Stations late Wednesday night.

With two of four tracks in this heavily traveled portion the Northeast Corridor out of service due to track repairs, customers on SEPTA's Wilmington/Newark Line will see some significant service impacts. The Amtrak repairs could take up to four weeks, and the special service schedule will remain in place until further notice.

SEPTA has worked to design a schedule that will provide efficient and reliable service for as much of the line's ridership as possible. Changes include temporarily eliminating some lower-ridership stops, timetable changes, train cancellations and other adjustments. We also have suggested alternative service options listed below.

The full special schedule is available online at, and here are some of the major service changes:

There will be NO Train service at Highland Ave. Eddystone, and Curtis Park Station

AM OUTBOUND (towards Wilmington/Newark) Trains #1293 (departing Suburban at 4:51 a.m.) and #4211 (departing Suburban at 6:34 a.m.) will not operate. Customers should consider taking Media/Elwyn Line trains as an alternate.

AM INBOUND (towards Center City) trains #220 (departing Wilmington at 6:03 a.m.) and #9216 (departing Marcus Hook at 7:59 a.m.) will operate with adjusted service. Customers should refer to the special timetable for additional information.

Select PM OUTBOUND Trains will operate EARLIER than regularly scheduled or at different times

ALL trains will operate as D-Stops (Stops discharge or pick up passengers but may depart ahead of schedule. To accommodate the staging of equipment at the work site, all service will end no later than 9 PM.

Customers are urged to consider alternative travel options, including:

Driving to the lot at AT&T Station and riding the Broad Street Line to/from Center City (parking is just $2)

Routes 101/102 Trolleys to 69th Street for connections to the Market-Frankford Line

Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line

SEPTA SEPTA will continue to provide the latest service updates on its website at and on Twitter @SEPTA.