Several federal agencies raid Tacony pawn shop

Only on FOX 29, a major raid took place at a pawn shop in Philadelphia. Several federal agencies spent the day emptying the place out.

It happened at the Cash for Gold shop on the 6900 block if Torresdale in Tacony.

There was a steady stream of merchandise hauled out of the Cash for Gold shop and an adjoining store on Torresdale Avenue Thursday morning as federal agents emptied the place, filling two big trucks.

"I was surprised this morning when I drove by and saw so many law enforcement officials," said Peter Smith, of the Tacony Civic Association.

Only FOX 29 cameras were there as agents from the IRS, Treasury, the Postal Service and Philadelphia police swooped down on the side-by-side stores in the 6900 block of Torresdale. Agents were tight-lipped about their work as they carted out dozens of boxes containing generators, power tools, televisions, car seats and electronic equipment. Most of it was new merchandise.

"A lot of these people go in there with electronics, stuff like that, brand new boxes and come out with a handful of cash," said neighbor Louis.

"All federal, so it's gotta be more than just stolen wristwatches and stuff, but, again, I don't want to speculate," explained Smith.

Smith is the head of the Tacony Civic Association. He said Philadelphia police and the community have been trying to clean up the avenue, chasing out drugs and other illegal activity. He welcomed the raid.

"If it's illegal, you have to be a good business owner to be in our neighborhood," Smith stated.

Sources said the search warrant executed on the business is sealed and agents on the scene refused comment, leaving neighbors looking for answers.

"Five or six people go in there an hour. That's a lot of people," Louis said.

"I don't want to speculate on what's going on. All I can tell you is that there's been an awful lot of criminal activity, more blatant, out here on the avenue," Smith added.