Several more arrests made in post-Super Bowl incidents

Philadelphia Police have announced more arrests in incidents in Center City following the Eagles Super Bowl Victory.

Following the Eagles victory, fans took to the street in celebrations, with a number of people celebrating a riotous manner by vandalizing public and private property.

Investigators had previously announced charges against eight other individuals immediately following the Eagles Super Bowl win, including one suspect who was involved in overturning a vehicle.

Police were able to track down a number of people in these incidents and have since filed charges.

24-year-old Craig Howe, a Haverford resident, has been charged with theft-receiving stolen property, criminal mischief and related charges after police say he walked off with a pedestrian traffic timer. The timer costs and estimated $740 according to police.

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Police have also charged 33-year-old Vincent Lawson, a city resident, with kicking out the front window of a Macy's store in Center City. Police obtained video of the incident and were able to identify Lawson as the suspect. He was arrested Thursday and charged with criminal mischief, conspiracy, and related charges.

A Phoenixville, Pennsylvania man is also facing aggravated assault charges after police say he was involved with a physical altercation with another man during the Eagles Super Bowl parade. Frank Pike, 32, is accused of lifting up his jacket during the altercation to display a firearm, and asking the other man if they had a problem.

Police say the two men were separated, but Pike later returned and displayed the firearm again at 20th and Logan Circle. At that time, police say the second man punched Pike and put him into a headlock while a witness disarmed him. The witness then flagged down responding officers, but Pike had fled the scene.

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Pike was taken into custody on February 17th and charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, risking a catastrophe and related charges.

An 18-year-old Palmyra, New Jersey man has been charged with disorderly conduct and recklessly endangering another person after an incident during the Eagles parade. Police say SEPTA Police officers witnesses a fight, and attempted to break it up. At that time, police say Matthew Klitsch began resisting arrest, and it took several officers to take him into custody.

Charges against another woman involved in an incident during the Eagles parade have been dropped pending her completion of an ARD program.